Instagram is a social network where people can snap pictures and post. It however is more than that because it holds great possibilities if well utilized either for personal or business use. Setting up an Instagram account is quite easy but you have to make upyour mind as to what to expect from making use of the account. Instagram is an app used by 13% of internet users and 75 million people actually use it with over 25 million checking Instagram multiple times each day. The thing about Instagram is that there has to be an expectation or a major goal you want to achieve from setting up an Instagram account otherwise, you will not be getting the best out of it because you have failed to maximize the potential of Instagram.

While Instagram can be very interesting, it can also be frustrating if you fail to understand the way it all works there which is why it is absolutely necessary to have a good understanding of how to do things on Instagram because the better you are able to present yourself on your profile particularly in terms of the pictures you post, the more the Instagram followers you are likely to get. After setting up the account, the next thing that will determine how well a person fares or makes progress on Instagram is the pictures that are uploaded by the person because pictures are a representation of who you are or what the business you are doing is all about. For information on how to get Instagram followers, below are the steps to do so:

  • Upload the best Pictures- while it is nice to upload pictures to Instagram from time to time, it requires that the best pictures which should be colourful and attention-grabbing are uploaded as this will attract people to your account and get them interested in following you. As stated by Nick Bilton, who is a lead writer at New York bits blog and has over 39,000 followers that the best of your pictures is what people need to see on Instagram rather than posting a series of mundane pictures.
  • Be attentive to what works or trends at a particular period- as an Instagram user, who is interested in how to get more followers on instagram, it is recommended to observe what is going on around in order to be able to ascertain how to go about posting pictures. There usually tends to be a trend that people are following at a particular period of time, so ensure to observe that trend and try to incorporate it so you can get more followers.
  • Make use of hashtags- this is a very important strategy and it is a tool that is used to categorize and tag contents. It is therefore a necessity to make use of hashtags especially the popular ones as this will make your pictures to be seen when a keyword search relating to the hashtag you used is made thus expanding your reach andthis is one sure way on how to get Instagram followers.
  • Follow others- quite an important strategy, kind of similar to what happens on twitter too. On Instagram, try as much as possible to follow people as this will help you to garner followers as well and should it be that you are trying to promote your business then this will come in handy because then more people will be interested in following you.

This way, you will get more Instagram followers and you can then easily promote your brand.